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I’ve always liked that my brain attaches specific scenes to specific songs; hence, my My Mad Fat Diary: Songs & Scenes series. (Instead of sending you individual messages), above are the download links, each of which contains two folders: 1) Songs — MMFD tracks, replete with details + album art & 2) Scenes — labeled MMFD screencaps (which, I would suggest, you match with the corresponding  tracks as the album covers, if you want a more interesting way of doing it).


Ah, 90’s Brit Pop. You are missed!


P.S. Please REBLOG, for other MMFD-mad kids who’ve been racking their brains for days/ weeks, trying to think of the song titles, etc.


P.P.S. I will never listen to Suede’s “The Chemistry Between Us” the same way again. What’s your favorite track off this compilation? Let me know!

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    Dear Internet Pals Who Messaged Me Last Week, The MMFD Series 1 OST download links have now been updated. Enjoy!
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